Since coming together to Produce and Direct Eugene O’Neill’s mammoth play, The Iceman Cometh, Sydney and Nathan have collaborated on a variety of projects. They recently recorded a radio play for the ABC which was broadcast in November, 2013.

Sydney Abba

Sydney Abba has an Arts / Law degree from Macquarie University. Between studies she maintained a vibrant amateur theatre career, and has performed in numerous shows for Macquarie University’s Drama Society (DRAMAC) throughout 2011-12. Notably, she produced The Iceman Cometh, performed in the 2012 Sydney Fringe show, Jack Killed Jack, directed a sell out run of Matt Cameron’s Ruby Moon, and performed the role of Garth McGrath in Narrow as the Line to very positive reviews. In 2014 she co-directing the Annual Macquarie University Law Revue. She currently performs as a Master of Ceremonies and is finishing College of Law, in the hope that it will pay the bills.

Nathan Finger

Nathan Finger

Nathan Finger has completed his PhD in twentieth-century drama at Macquarie University. In recent years he has taken to playwriting and has had several of his own pieces performed. Notably, he was a grand finalist in the 2011 Short+Sweet Festival with his short play, The Talk Down. His next play, Narrow as the Line, was performed at the King Street Theatre, Newtown in September 2013 as part of the Sydney Fringe. He has also worked with the ABC to produce a collection of short radio plays during 2013/4. In September 2015 his new comedy, Our Father Who Art (Nearly) in Heaven appeared at the Seymour centre.

‘Dinner and a Show’ was originally co-authored by Nathan and Sydney, but Nathan has since moved on to greener pastures in the nation’s capital, meaning all reviews are now managed by Sydney.

If you have a show you would like her to review please don’t hesitate to get in touch. The aim has always been to publish reviews within 24 hours.

You can reach Sydney at: sydneyabba@gmail.com

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If you happen to be a theatre-maker in Canberra and would like Nathan to review your show, he may still be open to such things and can be reached at: nathan_finger@hotmail.com